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B2B Marketing 101: Big Data Loses Out to Talking to the Customer

Been in the current marketing/creative director gig for going on six years now. Learned a lot here. In no particular order here are the highlights: B2B marketing is practically shooting fish in a barrel, still, six years later, at least in this sector of the construction industry. B2B social marketing is just now catching up [...]

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How To Really Get At That Woman Who’s Driving You Crazy

I remember it like it was yesterday... We were in pre-marital counseling. My soon-to-be beloved wife was by my side. An aged, wise counselor sat across from us. He leaned in and in a hushed tone shared these words of wisdom: "There is going to come a time. She's going to get under your skin. [...]

04.28.17 The Fourth Wall

We'll be a month in after this weekend. This last week has been a week of ministry. A birthday dinner. A visit to an old bed-ridden friend. A night of working on a pool that will not mend. A rain-soaked evening with the wife. Finally, Friday. The granddaughter will be here soon for the weekend. [...]

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For Parents, ‘Empty Nest’ Is Emotional Challenge

While “empty nest syndrome” is not a formal clinical diagnosis or a confirmed mental health disorder listed in the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, most psychiatrists agree it’s a legitimate emotional moment when a young adult leaves home and the parents are faced with an empty bedroom—and silence. Source: For Parents, ‘Empty [...]

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04.27.17 Prayers

Worship Prayer Father, Lord Jesus, I’m tired. This has been a week of ministry and my ministry muscles are sore. Father, Lord Jesus, help me to recoup. The week still has more days in it. There is still much more ministry to do. Let me regroup next week. But until next week, help me to [...]