On Workouts, Empty Nest Man Workout


Friends, subscribers, empty nest comrades. I apologize. I've been lost in a sea of construction projects, work projects, and family projects. I just deleted 10,000 emails... from April till now. I'm claiming a day of Jubilee for the EmptyNestMan and his tribe. Hopefully, now that I'm free from a mirage of 10-ton projects, I will … Continue reading Repentance

Eckerson: It is the season of transitions

We have clearly entered the season of transitions. Just among my group of friends in the span of about a month and a half there are high school and college graduations, an engagement, weddings, a new baby, serious surgery, military deployment, and moves, including one cross-country. Even though these are expected and generally positive changes … Continue reading Eckerson: It is the season of transitions