03.15.17 Top Ten Things to Do Today

  1. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Worship God. Go through the daily prayer. Walk with God throughout the day and pray.
  2. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Read Luke 3-7.
  3. Heart/Mind: Continue writing the current erotica project.
  4. Strength: 17 Kata. 160 Pushups. 50 minutes walking/jogging. 30 minutes bike. 1,200 Reps. 8 Kegels. Water 100+ oz.
  5. Mind: Publish Workout, Publish Top Ten.
  6. Mind: Spent Body next. Start writing it.
  7. Heart/Mind/Soul: Look for blogs about praying. Join the conversation.
  8. Heart/Mind/Soul: Develop a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram page for emptynestman.
  9. Mind: Get Made to Stick on reading list for July-Sept.
  10. Mind: Make a note on the year’s journey log that all workouts from this point forward will be tracked on the blog.