03.20.17 Prayers

03.20.17 Prayers

God testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’

–Acts 13:22

Lord, help me to be such a man. Help me to be after your own heart. Help me do everything you want me to do.

Worship Prayer

Father, I worship you, for you are GOD and I am not. I worship you because you are the I AM. You were, you are, you will be. My days are numbered. I feel the encroachment of death upon me. In a few days I will be no more but you will remain. I praise you GOD. I pray your blessing on the next generation. I pray that they will know you better than my generation has known you. I pray that they will know YOUR POWER, YOUR PRESENCE, YOUR OMNISCENCE. I pray that they will know you. I pray that they will heal, cast out demons. I pray that they will not be suckered in by preachers that only want to make a dime. Amen.

Walking Prayer

Father, hallowed be your name. I pray for success this week. Success in walking with you, praying to you, intention, focus. Help me to be intent. Help me be intent on finding time to walk with you, visit with you. Help me to focus. Help me to focus on the things you’ve put on my plate and may I get them done effectively, efficiently, successfully.


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