03.21.17 Top Ten Things to Do Today

  1. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Worship God. Go through the daily prayer. Walk with God throughout the day and pray.
  2. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Read Luke 10-24.
  3. Strength: 17 Kata. 160 Pushups. 60 minutes walking/jogging (1,850 steps). 30 minutes bike. Light day: 1,200 Reps (0). 8 Kegels. Water 100+ oz.
  4. Heart/Mind: Continue the next erotica project.
  5. Categorize all floatsam and jestum articles. Make sure articles have photos.
  6. Heart/Mind/Soul: Develop a Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages) for emptynestman.
  7. Mind: a missing erotica periodically to see if we can get Amazon Affiliate link for blog post 03.13.
  8. Mind: Publish Workout, Publish Top Ten, Publish today’s prayers.
  9. Revisit yesterday’s today. Link anything we can that was missed. Publish all curated empty nest articles.
  10. Get the customer site set up with an SEO plug-in. I’ve recommended SEO Yoast–about $75/year. Customer consultant says try the free one first.