03.23.17 Prayers


Worship Prayer

Father, I worship you today. The cold sore is still sore but I’m feeling much better today. Thank you. Father, thank you for yesterday. I was tasked with something I didn’t feel much like dealing with. I prayed to you. You heard me. The task was simple after that. May I learn from that experience. May I pray to you for help concerning everything I face today. Father, this morning, may I ask your help before tackling anything else.

Walking Prayer

Father, let me take a walk with you at every juncture. With every switch to a new task, let me pause and walk with you and seek your help. Father, the spirit–Your Spirit–is willing but the flesh–my flesh–is weak. Continue to take over my physical body with your spirit.

Photography by Amanda Jordan

How hard is it to pause and ask the Father for help? How hard is it, when faced with a task–even those we’re used to tackling–to stop and ask the Father for his divine intervention?


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