04.05.17 Top Ten Things To Do Today

  1. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Worship God. Go through the daily prayer. Walk with God throughout the day and pray.
  2. Strength: 25 Kata. 200 Pushups. 60 minutes walking/jogging. 60 minutes bike. Heavy day: 240 Reps. 10 Kegels. Water 100+ oz.
  3. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Read Deuteronomy 6-9.
  4. Update author mileage, expense report.
  5. Launch the New Asset.
  6. Mind: Publish Workout, Publish Top Ten, Publish today’s prayers. Update anything that needs updating in the evening. Curate any worthy Empty Nest articles. Make sure all curated content is tagged curated content.
  7. Mind: Spent Body. Continue. This gets written in real time on emptynestman.
  8. Continue The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood.
  9. Heart/Mind/Soul: Look for blogs about bible reading. Join the conversation.
  10. Heart/Mind/Soul: Revisit yesterday’s today. Link anything we can that was missed. Publish all curated empty nest articles. Add photos to all articles that have none.