04.06.17 Prayers

Worship Prayer

Father, I worship you. Lord, I feel alive this morning and I must thank you for that. It’s not an everyday feeling these days. Help me to capture it–lightning in a bottle–and disperse it throughout this day. Help me imbibe on life when I need it. Help me to share it with others as they need it. HELP ME TO LIVE today!

Walking Prayer

Father, you’ve got me focused on containers today. Containers. Putting this part of life in a bucket. Putting that part of life in a bucket. Whatever bucket I find myself in today, help me to run all out. Help me to give it all I’ve got. Help me to be exhausted, well-spent, empty at the end of the day. Ready to be filled up with your spirit again when we’re done.

When you’re filled up, ready to go, what do your prayers sound like?
Photography by Austin Nell


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