04.12.17 Prayers

Worship Prayer

Father, I worship you this morning because you are God and I am not. Thank you for reminding me again this morning. My aches, my pains–my mortality–cries out to me. You will remain. I will not. So let me burn bright today, Father. Let me be a candle that burns twice as bright knowing full well that candle only burns half as long. Remind me that at the end of this road rests eternity with you. Help me to get after it every day I have left here on planet earth. Let everything I do point back to you.

Walking Prayer

Father, thank you that the parts works this morning. Knees. Ankles. Hips. They all seem to be getting along famously for now. Help me to enjoy their symphony. Let my walks with you honor you and praise you.

What words do you use to stay in touch with God on a regular basis?