04.28.17 The Fourth Wall

We’ll be a month in after this weekend.

This last week has been a week of ministry.

A birthday dinner.

A visit to an old bed-ridden friend.

A night of working on a pool that will not mend.

A rain-soaked evening with the wife.

Finally, Friday. The granddaughter will be here soon for the weekend.

There has not been a single serious workout in eight days. Eight days…

I feel like I’ll be starting over again come Monday morning.

When I gave God my To Do list at the start of this month, did I really think he would take over to such a degree? He has. My life is turning into God’s life.

There’s been a little more kicking and screaming this week than I’d like to admit.

His life. Not my life. His life.

Whatever comes Monday morning, workout or not, I’m ready.