05.01-05.17 An Effective Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Reading List

12 Habits of Successful Marketing Executives

Comments: This is a great skeleton for anyone to build a solid CMO career on. Read it, print it out, put it up on the fridge, and look at it every day before you hit the road for the office.

The Social Media Storm Surrounding United Airlines

Comments: United Airlines is missing a huge opportunity to make customers for life. Yes, screw-ups happen. How you react either alienates or attracts. To the CEO: You never have a second chance to make a first impression.

How to Align Email Marketing to The Buyer’s Journey (With Examples)

Comments: This is a good overall article on the challenges we face in automating the Buyer’s Journey. It’s very tempting to go with the current out-of-the-box solutions, but that’s just not us. We’re looking at documenting the current, very personable, relational Buyer’s Journey we have right now and replicating that in automation. Ought to be fun.

Getting Started with Analytics Attribution

Comments: In the process of improving my Google Analytics knowledgebase. This article helped. Will implement Google’s Model Comparison Tool for a month or so and see what that shows us.

What the Burger King Internet of Things Ad Portends

Comments: Reflects the price we pay when we choose to use bleeding-edge technology as consumers as well as marketers. The dangling opportunity to hijack or disrupt is tantalizing, but you better have your shit together and sure that your execution will enthrall rather than appall your target market.

3 Things Marketers Should Look for in a Brand Partner

Comments: “The best of the best partnerships are complicated.” That about sums it up.

Why You Don’t Need to Be a Thought Leader

Comments: This particular site and this particular writer are in the top five on my list for recommended regular reading. Don’t miss out.

Online Video Is Evolving into Shared Viewing

Comments: Shared viewing via Cabana. Sounds like friends gathering to watch a scheduled TV network series to me…

Striking Matches with MaxPoint

Comments: This CRM shows promise.

LIDS Tips its Hat to Social Media

Comments: Salesforce Social Studio shows promise.