05.01.17 Prayers

Worship Prayer

Father, Lord Jesus, hallowed be your name. Lord, it’s coming at me wave on wave. The need. And I realize right now in the midst of this storm that I gave you my To Do List. That you are taking over, that you are demanding that I meet the need after need after need. I realize in the midst of this storm that I can meet NO need. That I have to be connected to you. That you have to meet the need through your servant. Father, I’m here. Showing up again. Your disciple. Meet the need. I’m conduit. Your power. Meet the need!

Walking Prayer

Father, Lord Jesus… I’m afraid to pray. Afraid to ask. What was is gone. What remains is this shell, this husk of a man. What I wanted is gone. I walk past these piles of pipes, these roles of conduit, and I realize that I am nothing more than these piles of pipes, these roles of conduit. I am merely a vessel that your power flows through. Flow through me, Father, flow through me.

When you realize just how meaningless you are, does that inspire you or crush you?


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