05.04.17 Prayers

Worship Prayer

Father, Lord Jesus, hallowed be your name. Have mercy on me, Lord, a sinner. I praise you, Lord, for you are so wise and patient. That you allow the work of God to manifest itself in us humans. I get so frustrated with myself and others, not seeing growth fast enough. Yet, you have patience with us… with me. Slowly, surely, there is growth. Instill in me this morning, Lord, your patience. Amen.

Walking Prayer

Father, Lord Jesus… My day is so often scattered and tattered by the tyranny of the urgent. It blows up my schedule, takes me places I don’t want to go. Instill in me discipline, Lord, and the ability to ignore things until I can efficiently work them into an already manic and overstuffed schedule. Help me keep the main thing the main thing. Help me guard the very important times like right now, before the break of day, for prayer with you and the reading of your word.

How do you defend your times with God?


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