05.06.17 Top Ten Things to Do Today

  1. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Worship God. Go through the daily prayer. Walk with God throughout the day and pray.
  2. Soul: Be a man after God’s own heart. Read Judges 5-9.
  3. Strength: 35 kata, 250 push ups, Bike 56 miles this week, Walk/jog 13.1 miles this week, Swim 1.2 miles this week. Light day: 1,800
  4. Heart/Mind: Continue the next erotica project.
  5. Update back copy and republish #7-#23. 
  6. Write reviews on our ant killer and weed killer products.
  7. Heart/Mind/Soul/Strength: Continue Woo–Happiness Is Loving Yourself.
  8. Do Empty Nest Man Punch List.
  9. Continue The Last Girl, Joe Hart.
  10. Mind: Publish Workout, Publish Top Ten, Publish Today’s Prayers. Update anything that needs updating in the evening. Curate any worthy Empty Nest or Ancient Athlete articles. Make sure all curated content is tagged curated content.