05.07.17 Prayers

Worship Prayer

Father, Lord Jesus, hallowed be your name. I almost see a clearing, a time of peace. Where the ministry ends and the worship and the training and the preparation begins again. Father, Lord Jesus, I’ve so missed the gym, the training, the prep. Ministry is so very hard. I believe I understand why a monastic life is so appealing–the continual gym, training, prep. But perhaps I’m misstating having never been truly monastic. Lord, help me prepare. Prepare for next time. And in the thick of the storm of the next time, help me to remember that you’ll carry me through, bring me back to the gym, so I can prepare again. Amen.

Walking Prayer

Father, Lord Jesus, hallowed be your name. Back to prep. Thank you. Help me prep harder, help me work harder, help me study more diligently. This last round of ministry was tough, double tough. More so than the work was the recognition that I was so ill-prepared–all my fault. Father, Lord Jesus, help me lean into you harder than I ever have before. YOUR STRENGTH and not my own, but don’t let me use that as a crutch to not prepare. Amen

Where does your strength end and God’s begins?