04.01.17 Prayers

Worship Prayer

Father, I worship you today because you are God. Because I lean on you for everything. Because you are the source of life, the source of breath, the source of all things good. Today, Father, as I begin this five-year journey, I pray that you will be with me all the way. I pray that I will sense your presence all the time. I pray that I will feel your hand on my shoulder guiding me to the places you want me to visit and eventually to green pastures by still waters where we can rest with you for a season before the next journey begins.

Walking Prayer

Father, let me walk with you. Help me to take time in what is shaping up to be a very busy weekend to simply walk away from the hubbub and check in.

Do you seek God’s presence and guidance all along the way or are there just check-in times?


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