About Empty Nest Man

Hello. I’m O.U. Rasscalle. The O.U. stands for Owen Ulysses. Yeah, quite a mouthful. Why my parents hung me with such a moniker is beyond me and they’re not around anymore to quiz them on the subject so I’ve got nothing else for you on that.

The emptynestman.com mission statement.

emptynestman.com exists to:

Excel as the marketing arm for EmptyNestXpress Publishing.

Document the journey, or odyssey, of Owen Ulysses Rasscalle as he attempts to live life soberly and achieve his Big, Fat, Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs).

Help others document their own journey–whether it be through #75Hard, the 90-Day Burn, sobriety, or some other vehicle–and achieve their own BHAGs.

Encourage sober living for all; to encourage achievement of goals; and to encourage healing of all types.

Fuel conversations about empty nest living, senior living, senior sex, religion, working out, writing, and craftsmanship.