Asking is akin to state or [insert # adjective here]

There is a mass, a cornucopia, tribe, plethora, of nouns without adjectives. These state without a form of explanation. Without such, one must create, create why these things have an ability to exist.

Questions like:

Where do babies come from?

What are eggs that we consume?

Why do people dislike each other?

A past form from understanding that we all or equal to one of knowing why we shouldn’t. Do to views, personality but more importantly due to taught ideology, a formed social awareness or formed to a lack of others = depravity or acute personal sadness which are personally misunderstood for one another. Based on a sense of self or that of an ego of vengeance.

Play your chest as a metronome at an EDM concert.

Who are you speaking to? Who are you trying to hear? A sense of accomplishment or that of someone that doesn’t have yours?


Life is this. But it’s up to you to know or better yet what one has for you and what you want for yourself.



Unlock your own abilities or push the plank further in to pull from the other side, leaving more shortcuts and making longer distances?

Like a popup carnival with a Gravi-Tron or tilt-a-whirl. I understand the ridiculous thoughts or spell check from Microsoft which is spelled wrong if you use a lower case m because

A name or state should be held in a certain amount of importance.

What is yours? What does Importance mean to you?

How you speak, write, or conver-sate are important to you. With English being a living language and “volumes” can’t keep up with the effervescence of understanding what “means” anymore.

That sentence was ratchet as hell.

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