Mother vs Grandmother

It's been a while. Lot's of life going on right now. But I can't be silent any longer. I used to think that being a mother was the toughest gig out there. I was wrong. Being a grandmother is the toughest gig out there. Close behind it is being a grandfather. That would be me. [...]

Empty Nest Man, daily prayers

05.30.17 The Fourth Wall

Coming off a nine-day sabbatical. Lots of down time. Lots of rest. Lots of sex. It was a nice break. Now the break is over. Back to work. Kicking it in gear until the next sabbatical. The oldest and his family are moving to Chicago in August. That reality finally hit me yesterday like a [...]

04.28.17 The Fourth Wall

We'll be a month in after this weekend. This last week has been a week of ministry. A birthday dinner. A visit to an old bed-ridden friend. A night of working on a pool that will not mend. A rain-soaked evening with the wife. Finally, Friday. The granddaughter will be here soon for the weekend. [...]

04.02.17 The Fourth Wall

Two days in. Exhausted. Number of serious workouts: zero. Number of life touches: plenty. Very simply, life got in the way this first weekend to the journey from five years from now. Want to workout on Saturday? Great! But wait a minute while you do this for me... Two family visits. Two meals dropped off. [...]