Contrarian, or how I learned to get along with the undertow

As most memories are, in the past my father and mother gave, sacrificed, and granted us children to have what they found lacking in their childhood. In this instance wanting as family to be able to state that we’ve dunked our feet in the Atlantic, Gulf, and the Pacific.

While out in the latter, I was pulled under the water by what I know now as an undertow.

I struggled to reach the surface; the more I thrashed the harder the pull downward felt. As my lungs began to burn, I released and gave into the inevitable force that there no control over.

 As soon as that thought crossed, I was let loose from that hold. Following the buoyancy of my body, I pierced thru to the surface, gasping in, putting the fire out in my chest. As that extinguishes, I’m all about flight when I notice how far out I am from where I was.

With my eyes on the prize, I start Michael Phelps-ing it towards the shore not realizing that behind me another wave is starting to crest and pulls me under again. All the previous thought come flooding (cheeky-monkey) back.

I knew that if I allowed it and not fight it, that I would have a better chance of survival. Dumb, you bet your ass but it worked (in this scenario), I breached the surface yet again and tore hell and the high water coming in (cheeky) to shore.

This was the last time I’ve ever going more than waist deep in the ocean.

I tell you that story to tell you this one. *Context is important*

People (as did I) believe in Zodiac symbols or self-importance on birth dates (still do in a way).

 I’m a Gemini.

(Yep, go ahead get it out now. We aren’t all the same, just how your signs not either. I swear by the moon in the stars in the sky. Don’t be All-4-One.)

And am supposedly “better paired” with sun signs but be it Castor and Pollux, “Gemini‘s” tend to be more fascinated with that of water based signs.

So basically what I wanted to get across was, I might had deep rooted commitment issues (but am insanely loyal to others).

Better said by Lewis Carl.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And Contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t  be, it would. You see? 

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