Doing “Your Best” Is Irrelevant – Andy Frisella

Do you learn when you lose? Smart people do. People with pride do. People with the will to win do. Champions do. Learning from your losses is PARAMOUNT to success. Do these people celebrate “Moral Victories”? Can you picture Tom Brady losing the Super Bowl and saying “Oh, well it’s not that bad, we learned a lot…and we feel fortunate to just be here”…and walks out with a smile on his face? FUCK NO! You lost. That’s it. Period. “But I did my best”. Guess what?  Nobody fucking cares about “your best”. Losers kick rocks. Winners lift up the championship trophy. Get it?! No matter how you justify it, or what story you tell yourself, the fact remains: There are WINNERS. There are LOSERS. That’s it. WINNERS HATE LOSING OF ANY KIND. I’ve lost FAR MORE than I’ve won…but I

Source: Doing “Your Best” Is Irrelevant – Andy Frisella

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