Don’t Listen To “They” – Andy Frisella

You have to guard your thoughts, dreams, ambitions, and path you’re committed to with EVERYTHING YOU GOT!I can tell you from experience that no matter who you are…No matter what your path…You will ALWAYS be dealing with “they”.You know “they”…The people who say you can’t.The people who say you won’t.The people who will try to convince you that you’re broken for wanting something more.The people who laugh at you.The people who watch you close but don’t support you.The people who will do everything they can to slow you down (until of course you’re winning and they tell you how they always believed in you)That’s “they”.Have you ever thought about who “they” are anyway?A bunch of insecure, scared, critics who hide out in the “safety” in numbers of mediocrity and who haven’t done shit with their own lives…but somehow have the

Source: Don’t Listen To “They” – Andy Frisella

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