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DECEMBER 17, 2019Europe Is Lostby NICK PEMBERTONFacebookTwitterRedditEmailPhotograph by Nathaniel St. ClairWhen the tribesmen are dead in their desertsTo make room for alien structuresDevelop, developAnd kill what you find if it threatens you—Kate Tempest, Europe Is LostFor four years, Jeremy Corbyn was smeared in a relentless and savage campaign of vilification and outrageous slander by the British press, much of it orchestrated by liberal outlets like The Guardian (and the New York Times), using a kind of berserker Zionism as truncheon. And so, the dreadful result was predictable: the worst showing of Labour since 1935. But it’s the poor and the immigrant communities that will bear the brunt of what they have wrought.—Jeffrey St. ClairSlavoj Zizek has a very specific definition of the Trump fetish. For

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