Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Lazy Sunday

Paddling over to her in the shallow end, I stood and put a hand gently on her stomach. “What can I do for you, young lady?”

“Mind getting me a beer?”

“No problem. Plain or peanut?”


“You got it, beautiful.” Peanut–in our vernacular–meant she wanted a couple of shots of tequila on top of her beer.

Fresh drinks were built and I waded back in next to Sandi. 

“Thank you, love,” she offered, taking hers and drinking deeply.

“My pleasure, sweetie.”

Sandi laid back, beer secured in the float’s drink slot.

Stepping next to her, I began to make slow, gentle, feathery circles on her belly with the tips of my fingers.

“That’s nice, baby,” Sandi commented.

Remembering the oil I had used earlier on her feet, I retrieved it at the pool’s edge and poured a generous amount in her belly button. Moving out of that center, the oil was massaged into her skin, caressing her ribs, just underneath her breasts, then moving down to just below her mound.

“I’ll give you a million years to stop that.”

“That’s my line,” I replied. “But I’ll let you borrow it.”

That elicited a smile and emboldened me to move forward. Sandi’s mid-section was pretty well-coated at this point. Time to move all points north and then all points south.

Moving to the top of the float, hovering just over Sandi’s head, I moved the cups of her skimpy bikini to the side and began to coat her lovely DD breasts in oil. My fingers were barely touching her skin, avoiding her nipples, focusing instead on her areola. I could sense Sandi’s breathing slightly increase. The slow burn massage was working wonders on her.

“Like that, sweetie?” I wanted to know.

“Mmm, very nice, sweetie.”

Pulling the straps off her shoulders, I oiled the top portion of her breasts, collarbone, and neck, working the oil in lovingly. Leaning down, gentle butterfly kisses were applied to her forehead, then leaning in, I kissed the tip of her nose and tongued her lips.

“Lover,” Sandi whispered.

“Amore,” I breathed into her mouth.

Back to her beautiful breasts for a more sensual encounter. Taking one in each hand, I cupped them so that her nipples set firmly in the palms. Working her flesh gently side to side then up and down brought forth first a couple of sighs, followed by a moan. The calluses on my hands were apparently rubbing my woman in just the right spots.

Hands were removed. Each nipple kissed, lightly tongued. Time to move on…

Join Sandi and Robert as they embark on the next phase of life: Life in the empty nest–a time of discovery, of self-revelation and fresh starts.

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