Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Role Play Sex

Rob simply had not been pursuing me as much. I couldn’t remember the last bouquet. The last love letter was months ago. Of course, there was the whirlwind trip down to south Florida after Christmas—couldn’t deny that wasn’t sexy as hell. Still, there was some doubt in my mind. 

This morning I was going to confront him about it. 

If there was someone else in his life, let’s just get that out in the open. That way, when the police found his body, I’d have a motive.

There was still an hour before he was due upstairs. I imagined he was either typing away on his next project or on his recumbent bike.

Time to get ready for work. I showered, washed my hair, shaved everything from the waist down until it was smooth and shiny, then went to work on my makeup. I didn’t hold anything back. Went for sexy as hell.

If Rob admitted he had a lover, I wanted him to be looking at who he was missing.

If he didn’t have a lover, I wanted him to see who he wasn’t romancing.

It would also be a reminder to that project manager shark at work that I still had it, and could still bring my A game when necessary. Bitch.

I heard him on the hardwood stairs, his footsteps light. He had been writing this morning. On mornings he rode his bike or ran, he sounded like a Clydesdale coming up.

I finished my eyeliner. Adjusted the girls in the sexy, but still work-functional, push up bra. I stood to get the whole effect. Yeah, I still had it. More importantly, I knew how to use it.

“Hey, baby,” he greeted me with a smile and a cup of coffee.

I took the cup and returned the smile. “Thank you, sweetie.”

He moved away, stripped off his shirt, and stepped to our bathroom sink to shave.

“Rob, honey, I need to ask you something.”


“Is there someone else?”

“Excuse me?”

“Is there someone else? Younger? More attractive?”

He dropped his razor in the sink, spun on his heels, and stepped to me. He took me by the shoulders, looked deeply into my eyes, and whispered, “No, lover.”

“It’s just that toward the end of the year, things were kind of crazy and now things have gotten kind of distant and—”

“Sandi, I realize this has been crazy for both of us. Stop analyzing everything. I don’t know what tomorrow holds. Hell, after this morning, I don’t know what the afternoon holds!”

“What happened this morning?”

He smiled, that half-cocked, raised lip, country boy smile that always gave me a tingle down below.

“I’m in the top 10 in sales in two different categories with two different pen names on Amazon.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m not quite sure yet, but I received an email this morning from some guy that wants to interview me.”

“Really? What does that mean?”

“Again, I don’t know! It’s just exciting as hell to get recognized for something!”

That statement started clicking some things into place for me. Rob was always the straw that stirred the drink. At work. In family settings. Writing. He was always the initiator.

A couple of times over the past sexually charged year, I had stepped out on a limb and instigated intimacy and it had always been wonderful. Perhaps I needed to initiate more often. Maybe Rob needed that, needed that now as he reached yet another reinvention.

“So, a top-ten author, huh?”

My hands found his chest and rubbed over and around his hard pecs. I looked up into his eyes, hoping he’d notice the sparkle. Cocked my head gently to one side and gave him a come hither smile.

“That sounds kinda sexy,” I let him know.

“That’s TWO top-ten authors, young lady,” he let me know.

I cupped his crotch. “Well only this one is about to get a busty blowjob, so you’d better decide which author gets lucky.”

Join Sandi and Robert as they embark on the next phase of life: Life in the empty nest–a time of discovery, of self-revelation and fresh starts.

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