Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Sandi Solo

Making my way out to the emptying parking lot, I tossed my backpack in on the passenger side and made my way around to the driver’s side. I felt the phone buzz in my pocket. Climbing in behind the steering wheel, I checked the message.

A photo attached. From Sandi.

It was an image of her, neck down, in pearls, in lingerie. Cleavage prominent. Bare beaver. Digits touching her clit.

The text: “Got home early. Thinking of you.”

The phone buzzed again. Another message. “You coming home anytime soon?”

I texted back: “Headed south now.”

“Good. See you soon. Be safe.”

The truck fired up and the phone rang. Sandi.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Put the phone on speaker. Put it in the passenger seat. Don’t say anything else.”


I made my way out to the parkway to the sounds of Sandi’s steady, heavy breathing. A moan. Another moan. “Rob, I’m doing it. Doing it for you. Rubbing my tits. It feels wonderful! I’m touching my clit now. One finger in. Two fingers in. Oh my God!”

I adjusted myself in the seat, cupping my balls and cock, bringing everything up so I wasn’t sitting on my own hardon.

“Baby… baby, oh it feels so good!”

She obviously put the phone down by her slit because I could hear her fingers working in and out. Sloppy. Wet. Furious.

“Uh, uh, uh! Baby, I want you. Need you. Come home fast!”

The call ended. Another photo came through. Close up. Three fingers buried. 

Another photo. Close up of her fingers twisting her nipple.

Another photo. Her lips wrapped around two fingers. Sucking.

A text: “Orgasmed. Twice.”

Fifteen minutes from home. My balls were about to burst. My underwear felt tacky and wet.

Another text: “Going to the pool. Naked. Meet me there.”

I pulled into the driveway, heart racing. My hands were trembling. I was so horny I could have pounded nails with the head of my dick. Foregoing the usual unpacking of the backpack, I started toward the fence gate, sliding my polo over my head. The gate closed behind me and I slapped two locks firmly in place giving us our privacy.

Join Sandi and Robert as they embark on the next phase of life: Life in the empty nest–a time of discovery, of self-revelation and fresh starts.

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