Sextings: Sharing A Couple’s Love Languages. The Gulf, Part 1 (Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles Book 43) Kindle Edition

Shari Speaks

Dave’s text: “Headed home.”

Shari: “About time. You fired?”

Dave: “Fired.”

Shari: “Awesome! When are we headed to the Gulf?”

Dave: “Tomorrow morning. If I can’t find a good flight rate we’ll drive down. Rent a convertible or something.”

Shari: “Big spender.”

Dave: “Big tits.”

Shari: “Oh yeah?”

Dave: “Yeah.”

Shari: “What are you going to do with these big tits?”

Dave: “Lick them. Suck the nipples until they’re hard. Then slide my cock between them until I come all over your chest and neck.”

Shari: “That sounds tasty. Sure you still got anything in you after this weekend and this afternoon?”

Dave: “Probably not. You OK with firing blanks?”

Shari: (Smiley face). Let’s just see what develops. Do you want me to check some flight schedules?

Dave: “That would be awesome. Also check with the two local rental places on the availability of a convertible.”

Shari: “OK. I’m going to call the office and try to get the week off first.”

Dave: “OK. If they don’t let you have it, quit.”

Shari: “Are you sure about that? Are you serious?”

Dave: “Shari, you work a helluva lot of hours there. When was your last raise?”

Shari: “Foreverago.”

Dave: “Start with the week off. Tell them it’s mental health. That will get their wheels turning.”

Shari: “Sounds like you’ve got a plan.”

Dave: “Maybe. Hey, I just about ran off the road. Got to quit texting and driving. I’ll meet you in the hot tub and we can discuss.”

Shari: “Sounds good. Love you.”

Dave: “Love you too baby.”

What a difference a few days make.

We had wandered in and out of each other’s lives like zombies for the last three years and after three days of fucking like rabbits, we were once again cooing “I love yous” to one another.

I had no plans of letting up. Three or four days in the Gulf with my silver fox.

I planned on fucking him every day while we were away.

Dave came in the back gate, murse over his shoulder.

“Hey, baby,” he sighed, as he took my bikini-clad body into his arms.

“Hey, baby,” I sighed back, nestling into the crook of his neck.

“Your trunks are on the back of the couch just inside. I’ll pour you a glass of wine while you’re getting ready. Come out and see me and we’ll compare notes.”


I recounted the adventure of this early afternoon.

Taking pics, that as someone in the legal profession can swear to you, is a bad idea. Then sending them out there to the ether.

I was just so fucking randy.

I don’t know what got into me. I just wanted my man and wanted him to know that.

Before we got out of the tub I was going to make sure I saw him delete them.

The same for the dick pics he sent me.

We were acting like two fucking teenagers.

And I loved it. I hoped Dave loved it too.

Dave took the glass of wine from my hand.

“Before we get in, go get your phone.”

“OK. Why? You gonna sext me again?”

“Just the opposite. We’re going to do a little purging.”

“Really? Buyer’s remorse already?”

“Not necessarily. Just going to clean the slate.”

Dave gave me a smirk. “Sounds like the legal beagle is coming out.”

“Something like that.”

“Don’t trust me?”

“Don’t trust the human condition.”

“Your face isn’t in any of those pictures.”

“Nor is your face accompanying the dick pics.”

I pushed myself into Dave, hands on his chest, gently squeezing his pecs as I kissed him. Tongues swirling effortlessly as if the three-year expanse between then and now never existed.

“Lover. I want to continue to do what we did today. I thought it was sexy as hell.”

Dave knelt down to me, holding me by the elbows, and returned the kiss with the same level of softness and sweetness.

“Faces. I don’t want to see just your sexy body. I want to see your sexy face.”


“So we purge in front of each other when the day is done?”

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