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That would be the best way to describe it.

Smothered? Cuckolded? Entrapped?

I supposed that it could devolve into that.

But for now, cocooned sounded safe.

Did I know Miles was in my emails, my phone, my reading habits?


I didn’t know how, didn’t care.

The ass-fucking was a dead giveaway.

We hadn’t even as much discussed that before and then he was up my ass.

In the shower last weekend. He fucked me like he owned me. Pulled my hair. Slapped my ass. Penetrated my inner sanctum.

It felt fucking amazing. Why the hell had we waited 35 years for that?

I shook it off. Oh, the thoughts that run through your head before starting a school day.

Miriam, my admin, waltzed through the door.

“Virginia, a teacher would like to speak to you.”

“Send them in,” I replied, not looking up from my note-taking, finally rattled out of my sexual haze.

“Virginia, may I have a few moments?”

It was Chris. Of course, it was Chris.

“Certainly. What’s on your mind, Chris?”

“The situation I spoke to you about last week.”

“The young lady that’s acting out?”



“She’s still acting out.”

“Seems to have a crush on you?”


“How does it feel?”


“To have a younger person inflicting their desires on you?”


“How does it feel, Chris? To have something totally out of your control pressing down on you?”

“Virginia, I–”

“Goddammit, Chris, how does it fucking feel?”



“Virginia, I’m sorry. I had no idea.”

“Chris, go back to your classroom. Re-establish control. Tell the young hotty-totty that you’re off-limits and if it becomes an issue again, you can discuss it with her parents.”

“What about us?”

“My parents are dead, Chris. I suppose I could take it up with your parents if they are alive.”

“My parents are alive. Divorced, but alive.”

“Well, I guess I’ll hold that as a bargaining chip.”

“Virginia, I apologize for my behavior.”


“Thank you, boss.”


Chris walked out of my door and for all intents and purposes out of my life. I exhaled heavily, enjoying the moment.

Miriam again.

“Yes ma’am?”

“A student would like to see you.”

“Alrighty. Seems like it’s going to be one of those days.”

Thad Bonner walked through my door.

“Thad? How are you sir?”

“Good, Mrs. O’Foster. I sent you flowers.”

“Thad, that’s a bit inappropriate considering our relationship.”


“Principal. Student.”

“So I shouldn’t send you flowers?”

I thought about the fresh hell I’d been going through. Miles. So pissed off.

“No, Thad. You shouldn’t send me flowers.”

“Although I think you’re beautiful?”

My God. What were they putting in the water these days…

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