Ties That Bind: Virginia and Miles #4 Kindle Edition

Things change. For all of us.

I guess that’s what happened for Gin.

Things changed.

Maybe she just wanted some excitement, some adventure, something out of the ordinary.

Maybe that’s why she had me put in an eight-foot privacy fence around our backyard. And suspension hooks tied into our patio beams.

Where I hook her up occasionally on weekend evenings with handcuffs and paddle her ass to a bright red. Who knew a woman could orgasm from an ass beating?

I sure didn’t. Never crossed my mind.

Thank God Gin found erotica. Probably fucking saved our marriage.

Then there are the hook-and-eye additions to the high tables on our patio. Gin loves me to handcuff her to those–laid out over the table, restrained.

That’s the best way to fuck her in the outdoors. Tied down. Pussy or Ass. Some nights both.

My, my, yes sir, things have changed a bit between us.

She likes me to call her Virginia when she’s in that sub mood. I like that. I like to know the boundaries, the rules.

She likes to call me Sir when she’s in that sub mood. I like that, too.

When she calls me Sir, I know how to respond.

When I call her Virginia, she knows how to respond.

House rules. They’re a good thing.

I guess the best way to explain this to people who don’t understand is that it’s like flipping a switch. One second the light is off, throw the switch, the light is on.

Take this weekend for instance. 

Five days a week, Gin is the principal, I’m a GC.

Not yesterday. Not today. Two days to splurge. Two days to call out to Virginia. Two days to answer to Sir.

Monday morning: “Good morning, Gin. How would you like your eggs?”

“Scrambled, love. Thanks for coffee. I’ll be right down.”

She comes downstairs in a conservative skirt, blouse, sensible shoes. Librarian glasses.

I stand at the stove in canvas shorts, polo, and shod in work boots as I prepare our breakfast.

Tuesday evening: Gin on one end of the couch, nose in her ipad. I’m on the other end of the couch, answering emails on my cell phone.

Wednesday afternoon: I’m off early. Going for a training run. Ten miles. More if I feel it today. Gin is in meetings with her counselors.

Thursday and Friday are more of the same. Work. Run. Eat together. Chat together.

This is how Saturday morning started.

“Sir, will you take care of my needs today?”

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. Tried to determine she said exactly what she said instead of what I was hoping she said.

“One more time?” I inquired.

“Sir, will you take care of my needs today?”

“Virginia, I believe I can help you out. Is there anything particular you would like?”

This is where it gets interesting. Gin is terrible about communicating what she wants.

“Sir, you know me. You know the things I like.”

“Virginia, would you like me to paddle your ass this evening?”

“I would like that, Sir.”

“Would you like to be taken from behind, strapped down over the table?”

“I would like that, Sir.”

“Do you want me to fuck your pussy?”

“I would like that, Sir.”

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

The slightest bit of hesitation. “I would like that, Sir.”

Hmmm. I wondered. Did she really like it up her ass?

There would definitely be more lube applied tonight to make sure.

“Virginia, do you want me to pull your hair tonight, paddle your ass, rub your tits until they’re sore tonight?”

“I would like that, Sir.”

Damn. Just damn. Just a little erotica and I was engaging a whole different woman.

“Good. That’s decided. We know what our weekend evenings looks like then.”

“It looks delightful, Sir.”

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