“I Can Do Better” – Andy Frisella

“I can do better” This is a thought that is always present in my mind and heart. I believe it’s always present in the mind of all successful/driven/motivated people. This thought is in my brain when I wake up…when I go to bed…and all times in between. It’s not about material wealth… It’s not about sales numbers… It’s not about cars… It’s not about planes… It’s about a love for the battle… IT’S ABOUT BEING THE FUCKING BEST….in ALL areas of my life. It’s about self-actualization, fulfillment of my true potential, and realization of purpose….that is what success means to me. For me, I believe that’s about motivating, helping & showing people they can lead the life they want. THAT is my true passion. Encouraging people to be their best self is something that I take great pride in. I

Source: “I Can Do Better” – Andy Frisella

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