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This is what it feels like to be in a sexless marriage. It’s without a doubt the loneliest that I have ever felt.

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  1. Sex is one of the most powerful things God has let us experience. He also created women to go thru the change of life which tosses all their hormones around like a ship in a hurricane. So, what is God teaching us? 1 Corinthians 7 perhaps is where He points us. Clearly He wants us to focus solely on Him. It’s a test. Possibly a test of faith. I too struggle with the same desire as well as temptation and thoughts of having a relationship like the past. Will I rise or will I fall? God only knows. Will this issue be the one that places me in heaven or hell? Time will tell. My wife has often told me she wishes I would loose weight and workout. However, I know this would be the worst thing I could ever do. Because with those things my desires would increase 10 fold and she can’t handle that!

    1. Hey Blessed Life!

      I really appreciate you adding to the conversation. Sexless Marriages are definitely something I would love to see us tackle here as a community.

      I’ve lived in a sexless marriage for most of the 36 years I’ve been married. I didn’t take your path. Now I’m dealing with separation and possibly divorce.

      You and I are not alone.

      “Gray divorce” (divorces in couples that are 55+) are at the highest peak ever.

      Sexless marriages are also at an all-time high (at least reported).

      It’s kind of a big deal.

      If we don’t learn to talk about it, pour into each other, share what’s working, what’s not, I’m afraid we’re doomed as a society to keep repeating this cycle.

      So, if you would be willing to discuss this topic more, I’d love to engage with you. We are definitely giving our subscribers room to share at length on all the topics we’re covering here.

      Check out Regular Dad and The Rat Bastard Named Box–they’re both contributing their stories to the #75Hard Journey topics.

      That will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

      Again, thanks for contributing, Blessed Life.



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