It’s Been A While

That’s the truth.

Haven’t written/posted here in a while.

It’s also the title of one of my favorite songs. By a group called Staind.

If you don’t know it you might want to check it out.

So what’s happened between now and the last post?

Got hit hard by hurricane Irma.

Lost a carport. Lost about 70 feet of 8-foot privacy fence. Lost a patio.

Lost about six weeks cutting up the four huge trees that fell on our property.

Lost another couple of weeks deconstructing the carport.

Found out that our 36×25 carport couldn’t be replaced the way it was built considering the current building code.


Found out the materials used to build our patio cover don’t exist anymore.


Suffered through back-to-back-to-back $1K home repairs (dryer vent / pool pump / toilet replacement).


Is $1K the new $20 or what?

I guess I’m really showing my age there…

So, for now, we’re guessing the storm and it’s after-effects are over.

A company is going to come out and replace the fence soon.

We’re learning to live lives without a carport. Tougher than we ever thought it would be.

We’re learning to sit on the back patio in such a way that the rain drops don’t hit our head where the top has been punched through.

Did I mention the hurricane also took out two of my grills???

That’s where it really got personal…

Long story short, one was totally destroyed, but I was able to salvage one.

I can’t get a temp reading anymore and one side is bent to hell and back but it still produces an awesome bone-in ribeye.

Enough bitching.

All that said, I’m back. I hope to get back to posting multiple help articles and writing multiple help articles to help you not only survive but to thrive during this empty nest part of life.

With what type of frequency?

To the best of my ability. That’s all I’m promising at this point.

Because one thing this season has taught me: there’s always another hurricane lurking around the corner…

Until next time.