Jacuzzi T15

We’re long-time pool owners. Have used Heyward equipment for years.

When the Heyward T-15 Turbo Cell died this year, we decided to make a change to the Jacuzzi T15.


Because it was on special and about $100 less. That, and after a ten-year successful run with our first Hewyard T15, having to replace it every single year afterward opened us up to switching brands.

Oddly enough, in this season where the customer has everything working in their favor and all manufacturers are crying that there is no more customer loyalty, the lesson is if you make crap, customers will go find less expensive crap.

That’s no knock on the Jacuzzi T15. It comes with a two-year warranty and the two-year warranty is what we look for in just about all brands these days. If you can guarantee us two years of function, that’s about as good as it gets.

Quick aside: Bought a grill from Home Depot a couple of years to learn this two-year warranty lesson. Grill died (or so we thought) and we contacted Home Depot. They sent us a gift card for almost the entire price of the grill. Apparently, they knew they were selling crap.

The grill came back to life–we have subsequently named the grill Lazarus.

Back to the Jacuzzi T15.

Bottomline: it works. And it has a two-year warranty.

No complaints yet.

Will warn you to make sure you have the right T15 cell programmed into your Aqua Rite though. Otherwise your salt readings will be off the charts. Check out this post if you need help recalibrating.

Until the next product review…