Launch Day

April 1st.

This was the day I pointed to since the first of the year as my launch date for this little Empty Nest project.

Get my crap together. Get organized. Plan some Cornerstone Copy. Relearn SEO. Be ready for a big roll out.

Instead, its come in trickles prior to April 1st.

Little or nothing on the weekend. And zero Cornerstone Copy.

The followers are already coming even for these meager bread crumbs. I knew they would.

There really is no definitive site out there yet for all things Empty Nest. Especially from the male’s point of view.

“If you build it, they will come,” at least that’s what the baseball gods have to say on just about any subject.

I believe that is true of the Empty Nest Man project as well. Pray. Work. Build. Workout. Curate. Write. And they will come.

The five-year journey begins.

It’s April 1st. Time to meet a deadline of sorts. If nothing else, to keep a promise to myself.

For you, dear reader, I submit the first piece of Cornerstone Copy for this project:

How To Really Get At That Woman Who’s Driving You Crazy

This is shaping up to be the intro to the next book project.

We’ll leave it up here as a blog post until the first draft takes it’s final form, then we’ll pull it down. My version of “freemium.”

That said, a little housekeeping is in order.

To those who have asked about the On Writing section. Yes, I believe we will be creating chapters for this next book in that section so you can see an author at work in real time. Not exactly brain surgery… but then again, it sort of is.

I promise you won’t see any eraser marks, but maybe more than few rather harshly worded editor’s comments.

I write drunk. I edit very sober. And, no, Hemmingway did not say that.

To those who have asked about the build out of the rest of the sections: I’M WORKING ON IT.

In the old days of web design–and I mean really old–back in the early ’90s, it was not uncommon to see an “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” sign up on a site.

That practice became frowned upon.

I’m bringing it back. I LOVE things that are under construction. My life is still under construction. Queen Gwen’s and her loving O.U.’s marriage is still under construction. Our grown kids are still under construction.

And Empty Nest Man is still very much under construction. Time. Materials. Resources…

Come back the next time you want the smell of fresh lumber, drying mortar, and new carpet in your nose. It’s intoxicating.

Until next time.


Photography by Elaine Casap

So what are you working on in your own empty nest?

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Looks like you have a good thing going here. Thank you for visiting and reposting from my series on The Joy of Letting Go. Sounds like our families have a lot in common. Empty nest. Some ministry heartache. Still love Jesus. I wish you the best on your new site!

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