Let It Go – Andy Frisella

On my trip to the airport this morning from Whistler Canada to Vancouver I saw a sign that read “A grudge is a heavy burden to bear”.There was more on the sign but I just caught that as we passed by.It got me thinking….How much of the negativity and anxiety in your life is self inflicted by you holding on to things that you shouldn’t?Is it just me or has social media turned into a competition about who had more bad shit happen to them? Look, I know this is really hard to believe…It’s not just you.It’s hard for all of us.Bad shit happens to all of us.Really bad.You are not the only one. I know it may feel like it sometimes….but it’s simply not true.There likely isn’t a person you know in real life or who you follow on social that

Source: Let It Go – Andy Frisella

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