Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Bottom’s Up!

Another hectic, crazy weekend. We were busy. Work schedules. Family schedules. Life schedules.

It was coming up on the end of May and I realized Rob and I hadn’t been intimate with each other since our second honeymoon. It wasn’t for lack of trying. Rob was always attentive, loving, touching. Long hours at work for him and family chaos had simply sucked the time and energy out of us.

He left me a poem on the kitchen table this morning before leaving for the office:

Your breasts.
They’re wonderful.
Chosen fruit. My dessert.
They were there in our youth
And I enjoyed them.
Yes, they’ve changed.
I still enjoy them.
Missing your embrace.

Our Memorial Day family event was a week away and there would be planning and lots of hard work next weekend. But before we got busy, I planned on getting busy with my lover. 

As I sat there at the vanity on Monday morning, finishing my makeup, I paused and shot Rob a text:

Me: “Hey.”

Rob: “Hey baby. You OK?”

Me: “Fine. Thinking of you.”

Rob: “That’s sweet. Love you.”

Me: “Really?”

Rob: “Really.”

Me: “Love me long time?”

Rob: “Love you long time.”

Me: “This Friday you love me long time?”

Rob: “Are we talking the same thing?”

Me: “I want your cock in me lover. Love me long time. Are we talking the same thing?”

Rob: “Gotcha. Clear as crystal. What about Memorial Day party prep?”

Me: “Saturday. Sunday. Friday is reserved for you and me.” 

Rob: “Date?”

Me: “Date.”

Rob: “I’ll make sure Friday’s schedule is cleared.”

Me: “Thanks! See you tonight.”

Sometimes it’s best to just cut through the clutter. I needed my man. No reason beating around the bush. There would be some play time in between this week too. I planned on some serious anticipation build up to Friday.

The workday was a whirl. I still took time to text my baby at lunch:

Me: “Hey. I want your cock in my mouth.”

Rob: “Who has stolen my wife’s phone?”

Me: “Your lover. I need you.”

Rob: “You’ve got me. When?”

Me: “Tonight. Don’t miss it don’t even be late.”

Rob: “Done.”

I was waiting on Rob when he walked through the door. Didn’t bother to change out of my work clothes. I knew this blouse did it for him—lots of cleavage on display. 

“Hey, baby,” I offered, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him deeply.

“Hey, lover,” he replied, then kissing me deeply on his terms, our tongues wrestling.

“I want you,” I let him know as I pulled away.

“You’ve got me,” he replied.

I kneeled on the rug in our den, my man in front of me. Undoing his belt, unbuttoning his jeans, and lowering his zipper, his hard cock danced in front of me. I wasted no time grasping his shaft and slobbering his mushroom head.

“Oh, Sandi,” Rob gasped, “that feels amazing!”

Bobbing up and down relentlessly, it did not take long to feel him thicken, quicken, thrust forward, wanting to fuck my mouth. I slowed it down. Way down. Backed off his cock. Kissed the head. Licked the slit. 

“Oh, baby, please…” he begged.

“It will be worth it, lover, trust me,” I cooed to his cock.

Standing back up, I tucked his hard cock into his jeans and told him to finish buttoning up.

I walked over to an end table, retrieved a boilermaker I had prepared for him, and handed it over. “How was your day, dear?”

“Getting better all the time,” he mumbled, staring at my cleavage.

“Down, boy, Friday’s coming. That was an advertisement.”

“Wow. Really?”

“Really. Go change into something comfortable. We need to talk about Memorial Day plans.”

“Damn, Sandi. Just damn.”

“Get moving.”


Tuesday was a whir. I was at my vanity getting ready for work one moment, the next I was in the car in traffic making my way home. I paused to text Rob:

Me: “Want you.”

Rob: “Hey. Really?”

Me: “Yeah. Really bad.”

Rob: “What do you want?”

Me: “Your tongue in my pussy.”

Rob: “Yeah?”

Me: “Yeah. Soon.”

Rob: “On my way out the door…”

Join Sandi and Robert as they embark on the next phase of life: Life in the empty nest–a time of discovery, of self-revelation and fresh starts.

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