Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Chez Robert Romance

“May I have this dance?” I offered, extending my hand.

“This dance and every other dance, love.”

We moved to the tiled center of the den and I wrapped an arm around Sandi’s waist. We moved together easily, like two well-versed lovers. Light jazz lubricated our motions.

“You look incredible,” I whispered into her ear.

“You picked the outfit,” she replied.

“Just the basics. You made it your own. Very classy. Very sexy.”

She smiled and kissed me gently. “Thank you.”

We swayed to a couple of more songs, whispering sweet nothings, sharing a light kiss, an ass squeeze, but nothing serious. As a break occurred in the music, I leaned down and kissed Sandi passionately. 

“Thank you for this wonderful evening, Sandi,” I whispered into her lips.

“Thank you, too, Rob.”

“I’d better clean up a bit. Tomorrow we go back to the real world.”

“Agreed. How can I help?”

“I’ve got this. You go prep for bed.”

“You sure?”

“Piece of cake. See you in a bit.”

She pulled away and made her way upstairs. I couldn’t help but admire her shapely form and stocking legs as she departed. Gorgeous.

I examined the layout and the work ahead. Looked like a good hour’s worth of straightening and cleaning at least. “Well worth it,” I muttered to myself before walking in the laundry room, hanging my jacket, tie, and dress slacks up and trading them out for sweats and a T-shirt. A boilermaker was poured out of the beer fridge and after a couple of good swigs I was ready for the task at hand.

By 9, the den was put back together as if we hadn’t been there this evening, and I was washing and drying the last of the dishes. I didn’t hear her come down. I was in my own little world, thinking about the romance of the evening, the smell of Sandi’s hair, the work and meetings tomorrow, the football games the next weekend, Thanksgiving approaching. She snuck up behind me, wrapped an arm around my waist, and licked the back of my ear.

Drying my hands with a dish towel, I moved a hand behind me to the back of her head and pulled her close. I could tell her hair was still up on the top of her head.

“Madam, my apologies, but Chez Robert is closed for the evening. Only the lowly kitchen staff remain.”

“Mmm,” she mumbled into my neck. “The kitchen staff tastes delicious and smells very similar to my date this evening.”

“Is there some dessert madam is missing?”

“Perhaps. Didn’t get enough protein. I could use some more.”

“I see.” Turning around, I took her into my arms. Her hair was indeed still piled high, just the way I liked it these days. She had on a black silk robe covering her from collarbone to mid thigh, her stockings and heels still in place.

“Lovely,” I whispered before kissing her softly.

I loosened the robe tie and pulled it gently away. A busty corset replaced her bra and panties from this evening.

“You like?” she wanted to know.

“Very much.”

“Think you can work up some protein for me?”

“Would love to.”

She smiled, took my hand, and led me upstairs to our bedroom. The lights were out, but candlelight from a dozen or so places scattered throughout the room led our way. Smooth jazz came from our speakers. Sandi turned at the foot of our bed, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me passionately, her tongue working its way in and wrestling mine.

“Thanks again for a lovely evening,” she said before kissing me again. “Now take me. Make love to me. Make me part of you and I’ll make you part of me.”

I smiled. “That sounds delicious.”

She looked at me with lust in her eyes. “That sounds like a great place to start,” she said huskily. Leaning back on the wedge, one of our love pillows that she had put in place on the bed before coming down to see me, put her pussy in the air for easy access.

“Taste me, lover. Lick my kitty…”

Join Sandi and Robert as they embark on the next phase of life: Life in the empty nest–a time of discovery, of self-revelation and fresh starts.

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