Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Come Fly With Me

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a blur.

Inlaws. Gifts. Food. Kids. More food. More kids. More inlaws. A trip to the theatre with our kids—a family tradition for us around the holidays. Steaks on the grill with our kids—the only other tradition we share—and then, finally, blessedly, quiet. 

Christmas evening, Rob built a fire. It was sixty degrees outside, but still, the fire was cozy and welcoming. He wrapped me up in his arms on the couch and gently kissed me on the top of the head. It was just us.

“Good Christmas?” he wanted to know.

“Yeah. Very nice,” I replied, snuggling into his shoulder.

I thought about the two grand or so I’d spent for presents and wondered if he’d seen the credit card statement lately.

“Good Christmas,” he said, pulling me closer. “Sandi, there’s one last gift I’d like to share with you.”

“Yeah? Whatcha got?”

Rob let me go, stood, and walked over to the mantle. From underneath a decorative lantern he pulled an envelope.

“These are for us,” he offered.

I took the envelope. Two airline tickets to Miami. The flight was tomorrow.

“Rob, honey…”

“I know. End of year. I already emailed your bosses. They’ll let you go for two days.”

I felt the tears brimming.

“How will your company—?”

“They’ll manage. Just you and me, kid.”

“Just us?”

“Just us.”

“For two whole days?”

“Sun. Sand. Oysters. Coral Gables. We fly back on a Tuesday night redeye.”

“Oh my God! Really? Really?”

“Go pack. One request: The pink bikini.”

“Oh hell, no! I’m not wearing that out in public!”

“We’re staying at a house. Private pool. Pack the pink bikini.”



“Oh my God. So much to do!”

“Get busy, then.”

“Oh my God! Rob! Really? Really?”

He smiled. That lopsided, dimpled, awe shucks smile that melted me.

“Merry Christmas, love,” he whispered.

“Gotta pack,” I stammered, then headed upstairs to begin the process. 

Twenty minutes in, the bed covered in clothes and the closet destroyed, I realized my major faux paw. Someone needed a big thank you. I picked up the pink bikini and began unbuttoning my blouse. Where were those stilettos?

Rob was relaxing on the sofa, browsing through emails on his phone when I made my entrance.

“Sandi, just damn, baby,” he muttered as he looked up from his phone.

I stood in front of him, DD tits pouring out of my bikini top, g-string bottom and high heels. Basically, his wet dream in reality.

“Thanks for the Christmas gift. Thought I’d give you one of my own, sweetie” I let him know.

I grabbed two pillows off the couch and tossed them between his knees. Kneeling, I locked on his eyes and grabbed his crotch. “Rob, I’m going to suck your cock, now. I’m going to look at you the whole time. I want you to cum down my throat.”

He nodded and tugged down his sweatpants. Already half hard, his cock looked delicious. A few jerks and I had two hands full. “Hey, big boy, is all this for me?”

“Oh yeah, Sandi, all for you!”

“Mmmmm, nice,” I whispered as I took his head in my mouth.

Bobbing up and down slowly on the knob, I worked his shaft with both hands. Rob didn’t look away, didn’t throw his head back, barely blinked. We were in a staring competition with his cock down my throat.

“Suck me, Sandi. Make me cum. Swallow my cock, baby,” Rob gasped.

I could feel him tense up in his thighs. His cock swelled, even bigger. He was close.

Backing off the suction, I came off him and began to lick his nuts, his shaft, his head. “God, Rob, your cock is so beautiful. I absolutely love it. I’m going to blow you several times on this trip.” That said, I swallowed as much as I could take and began to pump him furiously with my fist.

“Oh, Sandi! Oh, God!” His hands wrapped in my hair…

Join Sandi and Robert as they embark on the next phase of life: Life in the empty nest–a time of discovery, of self-revelation and fresh starts.

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