Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles: Second Honeymoon

I secured the last of the Apothic, a single glass, and made my way upstairs. Pushing all the bedding into the floor, I covered my side with a couple of large towels. Brought out the lube and the butt plugs. On a whim, I grabbed a dildo as well from the lingerie drawer. The night shirt was discarded as well as the granny panties. Naked. Light jazz turned on.

I sipped the wine. Gulped the wine. Sat the empty glass to the side. Nestled myself into the pillows. Stroked my pussy. Closed my eyes. Thought about Rob’s cock in my hand just a few minutes earlier. Remembered how he had swelled and thickened before blastoff on my tits. That thing would be swelling and thickening in my asshole in a week. Was I ready?

My pussy began to leak. Thick liquid gel. That time of the month. The hysterectomy may have made the periods go away a couple of years ago, but my body continued its lifetime ebb and flow cycle. This time of the month, the fluid was mucousy, milky. My clit was larger this time of the month. Some of the fluid made its way down to my rosebud.

I added Astroglide generously to both holes. Sopping wet pussy. Worked a left hand digit into my ass. Reached for the dildo. Inserted. A gasp. That fucker was big and cold. Finger worked into my ass to the second knuckle. Full. So. Fucking. Full.

A pause. A breath. Two breaths. The dildo worked in and out. A second finger inserted. Scissor motions. The dildo set aside. More Astroglide applied. Fingers working vigorously in the back door now. Feeling more open. Tingly. The largest of the butt plugs retrieved and lubed up. Show time. Another deep breath. Wish I hadn’t finished off the wine. It’s substantial tip worked in. Deep, deep, gasping breaths. Halfway in. A push and a push back as if I were taking a dump and it was past my sphincter. Full. So damn full. 

Legs splayed. Ass full. Right hand now finding my clit. Rubbing furiously. Pussy lips tingling. Pussy gaping, needing it. Found the dildo again. Plunged. Oh dear Lord, so fucking full. Working the dildo in and out. Hitting cervix. Hitting G-spot. Leaving it all the way in. Working the clit. Working the clit some more. Mini orgasm. Needed more. Shoving the dildo in and out, in and out. Bingo! Massive G-spot orgasm arrives, soaking the towels. 

“Ohh, God,” I whispered.

I grabbed the circular top of the butt plug and pulled on it, half way out. Plunged it back in. Repeated. In and out. In and out. Found my clit again. Circles. In and out. In and out. Retrieved the dildo. Coated it with Astroglide. Realized I was gasping as I did so. 

Pulled out the butt plug. Felt like my asshole was a mile wide if not a mile deep. Positioned the dildo tip at the back door. Furiously rubbed my clit. Shoved two fingers into my pussy. Three fingers. Four fingers. Back out and all over my clit. Felt my body humming. It was time. Half way in with that big mother fucker. My ass burned. Felt like I needed to shit. Oh my God, that thing was big and wide and menacing!

More clitoral stimulation. On the edge. On the edge. My hips moving on their own, thrusting up off the bed, looking for insertion. A little deeper with the dildo. A little more. Pushing back against its intrusion. A little more. Panting now. Almost all the way in. My feet shot toward the sky as I made the final thrust. In and out. In and out. More clitoral strumming. Not enough. Two fingers in. Three fingers in. Feeling the thickness through the walls of both tunnels.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I managed.

Moving the dildo to approximate the speed of Rob’s thrusting. My asshole was wide open now, three fingers buried into my pussy. I stopped everything for a moment. The dildo felt dry. Astroglide applied heavily to the shaft in my ass and dolloped in the palm that was frigging my pussy.

Now for the big finish…

Join Sandi and Robert as they embark on the next phase of life: Life in the empty nest–a time of discovery, of self-revelation and fresh starts.

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