Spicy Fridays: Buck’s Bucks Kindle Edition


As the signatures began to fly after the paperwork was thoroughly read, my cell phone buzzed.

Dian. A text.


I sighed. Thought about our little rendezvous habit as being an oasis in this constant shit storm.

Me: “Absolutely. What time.”

Dian: “It’s noon now. Meet me there at 1:15?”

Me: “Done. See you there.”

Dian: “Stud.”

I put my phone back down on the desk. Goddamn, she was one fine woman.

Time to go.

I put my gear away. Stuck my head in at Pam’s and Kari’s office. “Ladies, I’ll be out for a bit. Don’t wait up.”

“Buck, we need to talk,” Pam interjected.

“Pam, I know where this is going, and we made a deal.”

“I was going to retire in January, Buck!”

“I know, I know, and it’s only March. And as soon as Kari can look us both in the eye and say, ‘I’ve got it’ you can go. But until then, your ass is in the office!”

“Fuck you, Buck Gentes.”

I smiled.

Pam and I had made a deal last November that until Kari was sure she was good to go, Pam would stay on.

Boy, I came out smelling like a rose on that one. Of course, the language and the decorum took a side road after Pam basically became a consultant to the company. Not to mention she was making about twice what she was making before.

It didn’t matter to me. I liked having Pam around and until I knew finance was in good hands, I didn’t mind paying a little extra.

“Good day, ladies. See you next time.” I tipped my hat to them both.

On to the DoubleTree…

When we first started this DoubleTree discipline, I would stop first at the liquor store along the way and grab a bottle of bourbon or tequila for the festivities.

Those days are over now.

They went away after the DUI conviction.

Again, I came out smelling like a rose on that one. Can’t imagine why they would cut a deal with the new city councilman, but they did.

I served a grand total of 19 days probation–just enough time for the paperwork to clear the computer systems.

Oh, I didn’t get off completely scott free.

Between legal fees, court fees and fines, and the ongoing therapy sessions with Mr. Ochincho, the DUI was basically a $12K lesson in humility and the meter continued to run.

Then there was my lawyer’s demand that I cut my hair and shave my beard prior to the court appearance.

I think that hurt worse than the money.

Dian liked the new me, though. Said it made me look twenty years younger.

Do you know how many men would pay twelve grand to look twenty years younger?

I made it happen. And all it took was a life-changing, life-shifting DUI.

I whistled that March afternoon as I made my way to the DoubleTree to see my sweetie.

Dian’s car was pulled around back. She was already in our lovenest.

I came up the backstairs, still whistling, as I knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“Room service.”

“What are you serving?”

“Open the door and find out.”

Dian cracked the door. I could tell she was already in her bra and panties. I surely hoped she wore stockings and high heels to work today.

“Should I let you in?”

“I don’t know. Do you want a good time?”

“That I do.”

“Then I’m the man for the job.”

“I think you are.”

The door was thrown open. Jackpot. Dian was in full-blown stockings and high heels.

“Damn, girl, you are one sexy woman.”

“Not so bad yourself, young man. Come on in.”

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by EmptyNest Xpress (Author)

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