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As we wrapped dinner up and Miles collected the dishes, he said, “The laptop is set up in the den. Why don’t you take a look at the websites I have pulled up. We can compare notes when I’m done with the dishes.

“Sounds like a plan,” I answered. Taking my glass, I went over to Miles, kissed him on the back of the neck, patted his ass, and went down to the den to my homework.

A website waited on me. The sign-up page in front of me promised: “Join Free and Change Your Life Today!”

Another website was tabbed and I clicked on it.

That site promised that this was the place to start your sexual revolution.

We’d see about that.

I could click and access the blog without signing up for anything. That seemed like the most logical place to start.


It was the first article that caught my eye.

Apparently, there were a lot of senior couples who lived like this.

Less drama. No jealousy. May learn a trick or two… I wasn’t so sure about Miles. It wasn’t that long ago that he had just about lost it over a couple of dozen flowers from an admirer.

I wondered what it would be like to see Miles with another woman.

That thought had never crossed my mind.

Would I be jealous?

Would I be aroused?

Would I be both?

Would I be more concerned with getting my groove on with the other man?

What if there were two women — me, Miles, and a to-be-determined participant?

My mind reeled with the possibilities.

Plowing forward…

More sexual experience. That makes sense.

Focused on pleasuring their partners. That was true of us.

Ah, there’s the catch: old bodies. Miles and I aren’t the hardbodies we used to be. Although we stay in decent shape, the bottom line is we’re old.

Would a younger couple freak out about that?

Would I freak out disrobing in front of a thirty-something hottie?

Hell, would I freak out disrobing in front of Jim Giddens?

I wasn’t sure of the answer to any of these questions, but I knew my pussy was getting wet considering the possibilities.

Reading on…


That struck a chord.

We certainly had done that recently, at least giving it a whirl.

That and the whole switching of roles.

I liked being sub to Miles’ dom.

Frankly, it gets old being in charge all day, then expecting to be in charge when you get home.

I was actually reveling in our sub/dom play. It touched something deep in my soul to have Miles dominate me from time to time.

But enough about us. What did the experts have to say on the subject?

Bondage. Part of a healthy sex life… hmmm. I enjoyed it.

Haven’t tied tying Miles up yet, but he hasn’t indicated that’s something he wanted to try.

Bringing something new to the bedroom indicates that there is still passion and desire there. I can attest to that. Miles and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other since the light BDSM hit our dance cards.

Bondage can open the doors to a life of never-ending adventures.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

The bondage was nice, a little something-something to shake things up, but what I was looking for–what I really craved–was an ongoing sense of adventure, in the bedroom and out.

Miles came down and looked over my shoulder.

“Find anything you like?”

“Quite a lot actually. But before we continue, I need you to get me off. I’m soaking wet.”

“What would you like?”

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