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Buck: “I’m in the parking lot.”

Barbra: “Did you get that vibrator I told you to get? What about a dildo?”

I went back to my office, picked up my clutch, and headed for the parking lot. Barba would have to wait until Buck and I were finished.

“Hello, lover,” I greeted Buck as I pulled myself up into his truck.

“Hello, pretty lady. Anything you want in particular?”

“Fast food. And a quickie.”

Buck looked at me puzzled. “Fast food and a…”

“You heard me, big boy. Now get this truck in gear and get us down the road.”

“How’s your day at work?” Buck began tentatively.

“The usual. You?”

“The usual. What’s got you so worked up?”

“What? Can I not want my man in the middle of the day?”

“Dian, we’ve been married for a thousand years and not once have you–”

“Tisk. Tisk. New beginnings. New you. New me. Right?”

Buck didn’t say anything back. I noticed him squeeze the steering wheel a little tighter. He adjusted the air until it was blasting on both of us.

“Does Wendy’s work for you?” I asked as I stared out the windshield.

“Yeah. That’s fine.”

“OK. And then what about the DoubleTree?” The DoubleTree was the no-tell motel behind the one strip bar in Glenden–just on the outskirts of town.

“The DoubleTree? Jesus, Dian, what’s got into you?”

I smiled. “Buck, I’m horny. I want to fuck you. You’ve bitched and moaned for years, now I’m finally horny and now you’re going to bitch and moan about that, too?”

That steering wheel squeeze once again. The radio volume adjusted down. The telltale sign of the right middle and index finger rubbing circles on his temple.

“No, love, I’m not going to bitch about that.” He smiled. “Hell, no, I’m not going to bitch about that. I’m going to roll with it!”

“That’s the spirit!”

We grabbed our burgers. Ate them in the parking lot–lots of grease, ketchup for the fries, and bubbly cola. I felt like I was going to explode when we were done.

“Geez, that was a lot,” I explained.

“Yeah, that’s a lot of food,” Buck chimed in.

“On to the DoubleTree?” I chided.

“Dian, are you sure about this?”

“Damn sure.”


We drove on.

Down past our neighborhood. Down past the raceway. Down to the outskirts of Glenden where the aluminum recycling plant lived side-by-side with a half-dozen “buy-here, pay-here” used car lots.

Just over the ridge, the DoubleTree. Right behind the Klassy Kat.

Buck pulled in under the drive-under. “Dian, one final time. Are you sure about this?”

I turned to my husband. “Do you want to fuck or not?”

“Hell, Dian, we could have went to the house and been comfortable.”

“Or we could go into this seedy hotel, get a rush, do something totally fucking different, and have a memory.,” I countered. “Besides, Alisa is at the house.”

At that Buck smiled. “Thanks for the memories.”

“Good. Now go get us a room, stud.”

Buck was gone no longer than five minutes. He came out of the hotel office with a stern look on his face, the sun bouncing off his glasses.

“We’re around back.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way”…

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