-o(d)de- / Waxing the Waning.

-Music Selection: Suspirium a 400 lux world alone

What is allure without connection and what does one say about reading right to left. A different language, culture or all the former socially perceived. The bigger self, the smaller view. The larger picture, the clearer constitute. The perigee of wants, to that of needs is an apogee existence.

 Perpetual motion

Cycle the emotions, thoughts into a straw, spinning in the wheel of harmony and discordance. The quantity holds no comparison over ones fiber. Loom your gold into the fabric of life.

Rationalize the reasons of shouldn’t only to serpentine the reason why you couldn’t.  – Linktu Getthar (470 B.C)

Fleeting meeting and often times repeating. Blinks and blankets.

Loom your gold on the fabric with perpetual motion.

Stitch the world in all the straws of you.

The perfection of far too few

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