Video Games and Sports or My Apologia

My Grandfather, Julian (plays later into context). Had a man cave before one existed. Basically a living room without anyone else having to live in it. In this room he had two televisions as well as radios. He is a man of sports and the excitement that it comes with. He hates the commentary in which that of the television announcers speak but loves the radio commentary (possibly because of nostalgia and description that the radio gives) (this plays into things later). So he will be in his before referenced “man cave” watching two different games on the television with both on mute and setting on the side of each side of his arm chair a radio that is commentating on the games he is watching, with hands firmly placed on the volume dials of each.

This was his time. A time in which everyone knew not to interrupt or ask anything. Personal time. Everyone needs it. It’s important. But from the living room that was a tomb for Fabio and family time is where most of us gathered. Watching movies, while enjoying or at the very least just enjoyed silent together time.

What I enjoyed the most was hearing him scream from two rooms away. Be it at the player or the commentary. “YOU STUPID FUCK! Or WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING”

His cursing was like the Winnebago Man greatness. Had so much heart and stank on how he said them that you knew it wasn’t out of anger but out of frustration which made me laugh. To know that someone has so much strife in something that is out of their control and feels so strongly for such, I can’t help but find it funny.

Similar to this, is videogames the newest, best console or game machine when I was a pup was a Nintendo. One of my uncles or could have been my father bought my Grand a Nintendo. To watch him play Mario was like being able to be in his man cave while watching sports.

Both were extremely serious but unlike sports. You had to know your shit and have views that were similar, if not, you better bring facts and stats. Because you ain’t shit. (Do you know what a coaxial cable is? Do you know what the Colgate hour was? Do you know what an Abacus is or Morris code or metronome? One begets another. Plato )

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