On Religion

Queen Gwen was a youth pastor.

Our oldest son was an associate pastor.

Our middle son was a youth minister.

Our youngest son worked for years for a very large company that gets kudos for never being open on Sunday and their CEO openly spoke out against the gay lifestyle. As fate would have it, our youngest son is gay. Time to get a new job.

I worked for a company/ministry that developed some of the largest religious conferences in the world and you’d probably recognize them if I mentioned those events here. I don’t work for that company anymore.

Detecting a trend yet?

The keyword theme here is “was.”

We don’t work for the church anymore nor do we attend church.

The machinery of the modern day church chewed this family up and spit us out. The rally cry of “Sunday’s coming and the show must go on” was something that rang in our ears for quite some time.

We served. We taught. We ministered.

Now we’re simply seeking God on our own, out here in the desert. Oddly enough, the encounters here are more often and more poignant than the years spent behind stained glass and steeples.

Look for the “On Religion” tag for curated articles of serious content and perhaps an essay or two on the current state of affairs on religion in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Photography by Tung Wong