On Workouts

The Empty Nest Man Workout: It’s All About Focus, Baby, Focus

A key to working out at this point in life is remembering to stretch. STRRRRRETCH. Go ahead and take my advice. I’m not using it.

The closest thing I get to a stretch are a series of kata moves I do prior to working out to get the blood pumping and my legs and arms ready to go. Then it’s time to hit it hard.

You know your body a whole lot better than I do. Do what you gotta do and then get after it.

A typical workday workout for me involves these elements:

  • Some type of weightlifting. Heavy day followed by a light day.
  • Some type of aerobic–walking or jogging integrated into the weightlifting or biking after lifting.

A typical weekend workout for me involves these elements:

  • Walking while doing arm work with lightweight dumbbells
  • Jogging
  • At least a half hour on a stationary trainer bike
  • Swimming when warm enough (although I’ve found rowing a suitable cold-weather substitute)

I try to go at it seven days a week now that I’m trying out #75Hard.

Photo Credit: Lemuel Butler