On Writing

On Writing: Let’s face it. Writing is cheaper than therapy. This tag will feature personal musings, essays, chapters, etc., plus as many awesome articles as I can find on the subject of writing.

Current Book Project (hyperlink indicates a draft has been posted to this site):

Working Title: The Empty Nest Woo

Subtitle: Re-winning the heart of the woman you love through rediscovering yourself

Introduction: How to really get at that woman who’s driving you crazy

Section One: Balance

Chapter One: The problem with us is me

Chapter Two: Happiness is a warm heart

Chapter Three:  Happiness is An engaged mind

Chapter Four: Happiness is a connected soul

Chapter Five: Happiness is a spent body

Chapter Six: Happiness is loving yourself

Section Two: Dealing with negative factors

Chapter Seven: Working Out the kinks–forgiveness of yourself and others

Chapter Eight: Physical health–better habits

Chapter Nine: Addictions–swapping bad habits for good habits

Chapter Ten:  Attitude: “I’ve never been better”

Section Three: New interests for you

Chapter Eleven: Write

Chapter Twelve: Craft

Chapter Thirteen: Work

Chapter Fourteen: Workout

Chapter Fifteen: Commit

Chapter Sixteen: Preach

Chapter Seventeen: Perfect

Section Four: The woo

Chapter Eighteen: The empty nest woo: new interests together

Chapter Nineteen: The empty nest woo: communication

Chapter Twenty: The empty nest woo: passion

Chapter Twenty-One: The empty nest woo: romance

Chapter Twenty-Two: The empty nest woo: mutual love

Section Five: Pulling life all together once more

Chapter Twenty-Three: Ministry: connecting with other empty nesters

Chapter Twenty-Four: There is no empty nest


Photo Credit: Ivars Krutainis