Prayer: A Man After God’s Own Heart

Father, I’m kind of lost with this whole “Man After God’s Own Heart” thing. My life’s a mess right now. Court pending. Divorce possibly out there. I look to King David and I take heart that a man can come out of some really deep shit and still be considered a “Man After God’s Own Heart.” Let me lean into that this morning. Let me be reminded that you love reclamation projects. You did it with Abraham. You did it with Moses. You did it with David. Lord, I pray this morning, that you’ll take me on as your next reclamation project. I pray, Father, that today–and all the way until the end of my days–that I’ll be a “Man After God’s Own Heart.” I pray that when I stand in judgment before Jesus Christ and you, that the only accusation against me is, “Here stands a man after God’s own heart. Enter into eternity with the Father and the Son.” In Jesus Christ’s name I pray, amen.