Friends, subscribers, empty nest comrades. I apologize.

I’ve been lost in a sea of construction projects, work projects, and family projects.

I just deleted 10,000 emails… from April till now.

I’m claiming a day of Jubilee for the EmptyNestMan and his tribe.

Hopefully, now that I’m free from a mirage of 10-ton projects, I will be able to once again blast out all things that are relevant to the Empty Nest crowd.

At least that’s the hope…

If that doesn’t work out, I imagine I’ll be deleting another 10,000 emails and begging for your grace again in October…

I can say that we have a new craftsman-style carport and patio. I can say that the primary patreon now has a million-dollar-a-year website. I can say that we’re on good terms with the three sons, the two granddaughters and the one son-in-law.

It’s been quite a year.

Now let’s get back to work.

And, oh yeah, there’s been quite a development on the erotica side… details to come.

Good Empty Nesting to you and yours!