Sextings: Sharing A Couple’s Love Languages. The Gulf Part 2 (Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles Book 49) Kindle Edition

I picked up the rental Jeep early Tuesday morning. Shari dropped me off and I handled the paperwork as she went back to the house to pack.

Five days in the Gulf with my hot and sexy wife.

Yeah, even after the last three days of non-stop sex, I was beginning to get wood just thinking about the possibilities.

As I climbed into the Jeep and began familiarizing with the dash, lights, and controls, Shari texted me.

Shari: “Hey. Just thought you’d be interested in what I’m wearing today.”

The photo was an over-the-shoulder selfie revealing her head-to-toe outfit from behind, captured in the full-length mirror in our closet.

The same outfit she wore for me last night.

Sunhat. Sunglasses. Sundress. Stockings. Tan boots.

The initial wood that had bloomed inside the rental place was now a raging hardon.

It was as if my dick was on cruise control, bound and determined to make up for the last three years ASAP.

I texted Shari back.

Dave: “My God, you’re an incredibly sexy woman, Shari.”

Shari: “Thanks! But no bra and panties–I can’t wear those for six hours.”

Dave: “Hmmm. Full commando?”

Shari: “Yep!”

Dave: “That makes for some very interesting possibilities!”

Shari: “Perv. Get us to the beach and then we can play.”

Dave: “OK. Headed your way.”

Shari: “Good.”

I pulled the Jeep into morning traffic and made my way north. Our house was less than five miles from the rental place, so it was a short ride.

A suitcase, a couple of hand bags, and a duffle were waiting for me by the gate. I assumed that Shari had already prepared these and they were ready to be packed.

Always “that guy”, I didn’t let my assumptions get the best of me.

I texted Shari: “These bags by the fence–they get packed, right?”

Shari: “That’s right, Captain Obvious.” The text was accompanied by another selfie: Shari staring deeply into my eyes through her sunglasses, ample cleavage nestled below. Damn beautiful.

Dave: “Thanks. Just wanted to make sure someone else wasn’t moving in while I was away.”

Shari: “Asshat. Get moving. We need to be on the road soon.” Another selfie. This time zoomed in on that perfect cleavage.

Dave: “That’s where my dick needs to be.”

Shari: “What? Between my boobs?”

Dave: “Yes.”

Shari: “Pumping my tits while you hold them together?”

Dave: “Why aren’t you holding them together?”

Shari: “Because I’ll be rubbing my pussy and clit.”

Dave: “That sounds nice!”

Shari: “Imagine coming between my boobs as I give you my perfect O face as I come too.” A shot of her index finger rubbing over her slit.

Dave: “We’ve got to stop or I’m going to come up there, bend you over the bed, and fuck the shit out of you.”

Shari: “Big talker.” Another shot in front of the full-length closet mirror. Her sundress pulled up exposing her perfect ass.

Dave: “Don’t make me come up there, girl.”

Shari: “Hell, after the last three days, I don’t think we could knock another one out. We could both use the drive time to recover.”

Dave: “I can’t argue with that. Any more bags up there?”

Shari: “I’ve got my makeup kit and our toiletries bag and that’s about it.”

Dave: “I’ll get these put away while you come down.”

Shari: “Want another coffee or are you ready for water?”

Dave: “I’ll take a water. Got to stay hydrated for this trip.”

Shari: “Yes you do, mister. I’ll be right out.”

Shari stepped through the gate with the last two hand bags and waters for both of us as I finished stowing away everything else.

She had on the promised sundress outfit with a full-length cover-up sweater over it. Decembers in Georgia aren’t anything like what Decembers are in the midwest, but there was still a significant nip in the air.

I looked forward to some beach time later this afternoon with temperatures still in the 70s down in Pensacola.

“Ready?” I wanted to know.

“Yes!” Shari exclaimed, as she handed me the bags…

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