Sextings: Sharing A Couple’s Love Languages. The Gulf Part 3 (Mature Monogamous Sex That Sizzles Book 50) Kindle Edition

Not exactly what we intended for a holiday.

It is what it is.

Sex? Plenty. Strangers? Weird.

Propositions? Downright bizarre.

I leaned back against the hard, biting back of my Adirondack, took in the swell of the ocean, breathed in the salty air.

Dave. Just a few minutes ago. Filling me. To the hilt. Making me come. Multiple orgasms.

Why hadn’t I…?

I dismissed the thought from my head. I couldn’t. Simply couldn’t. I wasn’t capable.

Now was now. Living in the moment.

The current moment was good. Very, very good.

I picked up my phone. Texted my lover.

Shari: “Where the hell are you? The beach is awesome!”

Dave: “Be right down babe.”

Shari: “Hurry on then.”

Dave: “Will do.”

My lover. My Dave.

So much had transpired in the past few days. Rediscovery is a good word.

Out of the doldrums. Into a new light of being.

That’s fancy words for saying we’d fucked each other silly.

How does that happen?

First, you stick together. Through thick and thin. You don’t give up.

And then the perfect moment arrives.

And you pounce.

That’s how I saw it, at least.

We stewed. We smoldered. We waited and wondered.

Then the opportunity presented itself.

And we fucked. So, so many times.

I felt like a fucking newlywed.

Dave’s jism still in there, waiting to be expelled.

I wanted it to creep down my thigh as he luxuriously rubbed my forearm in our Adirondacks.

“Hey babe, sorry,” he said breathlessly 

“Hey baby. What’s going on?”

“Oh, the new guys. Wanted to talk through a situation.”

“That’s going to be how it is moving forward, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“They call. You answer.”
Dave was silent. He slid into the Adirondack beside me. Took my hand. Looked away from me toward the ocean.

“Shari, they’re going to be paying me–us–a shit ton of money.”


“And there are some expectations that come with a shit ton of money.”


“And would you prefer I go back to the previous position nursing warehouse workers?”



“No. I don’t want to go back to where we were. Ever. I like right now.”

“Yeah? What do you like about right now?”

“Right now? Other than the sand, the sea, the hunky man sitting next to me?”

“Yeah. What else?”

“Well, there is the sex. That’s nice. Then there is the husband that’s suddenly totally recharged going back to a new job where he’s going to totally fucking kick ass.”

“That’s sweet that you think that.”

“You don’t?”

“I do. I’m gonna swing for the fences. What else?”

“Well, there’s my job I gotta go back to. And thanks to you, the conversation will begin with, ‘Shari, why did you need a mental health week?’”

“Shari, they could just let you go. They are those kind of people.”

“And what if they do?”

“No skin off our nose. We’ll still be doing better than last week.”

“Exactly! I may take some time off to find out what the next thing is supposed to be!”

Dave squeezed my hand. Hard.

“Shari, that’s what I wanted to hear.”

I looked over at Dave. Mirrored sunglasses staring at mirrored sunglasses.

“What do you mean?”


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